The Arkansas Department of Transportation has partnered with Garland County and the
City of Hot Springs to study the Highway 270 interchanges at Highway 270 (Albert Pike
Road), Highway 70 (Airport Road), Highway 88 (Higdon Ferry Road) and Highway 7
(Central Avenue), as well as Highway 7 from south of Highway 270 to Highway 88. The
focus of this study will be on relieving recurring congestion and improving safety and

Individuals, community groups, and other organizations are encouraged to submit written
comments regarding the study. Please provide your comments on this form and mail it by February 26, 2018 to: Arkansas
Department of Transportation, Transportation Planning & Policy Division, P.O. Box 2261,
Little Rock, AR 72203-2261. Alternatively, send the form via e-mail to:

One of the areas of study is the interchange of Highway 270 (bypass) with Highway 270 (Albert Pike Road). This of course is the area just to the north of our church. One of the possible solutions to the traffic flow problems at this interchange could be a stoplight at Weston Road/Albert Pike. Please complete the attached form, and mail it to the address listed below, or bring it to the church office before Monday February 26, 2018. We will mail the forms in for you. There are also copies of the public comment form at the Ministry information desk in the main lobby of the church.