It has been a long day; a good day, but a long one. We all have those days. Days that while you may have enjoyed what you have gotten to do you, you are still exhausted by the end of it.  I woke up early this morning and got to have breakfast with some men while we prayed for our church. I am always so encouraged when I see believers have a great reliance on God, knowing that it is He alone who can actually bring about change in this world for His glory. For some reason, beyond my ability to fathom, He chose us humans to work through in order to bring about this change. While I may not be able to fathom why, I am thankful for the opportunity.

After breakfast, I went home and got to spend some time with my family before having to head into work. With the new year approaching quickly, I am in planning mode at work. I am excited about what is to come, and what God has in store. These planning times can be exhausting when trying to make sure everything is in place and nothing is overlapping; but more than that, they truly are exciting.

After a day of planning and a staff get-together we had, I got to go home to my amazing family. I walked through the door and my daughter lit up with a giant smile when she saw me. She came right to me wanting to be held. We then spent some time playing on the floor while brother was still napping. He would eventually get up, and still being exhausted he walked over to me wanting to be to be held. He laid his head on my shoulder while he was trying to fully wake up. We then, both kids and myself, played in the floor for some time. Wrestling Eli with one hand, and playing blocks and such with Eden using my other hand.

My wife had a event with some women from our church, so she had to begin getting ready to head out. I started to make dinner for the kids and myself. Our daughter goes to bed crazy early, we are talking like 5:30pm, so we got her down for bed and my wife headed out. My son and I ate our dinner (I made tacos, and they were awful. As I write this my wife is actually on her way back home…with Taco Bell. What a women!). My son and I then we decided to build a fort in the living room. We made some popcorn, and we watched a movie. It was getting time for my boy to get ready for bed. Elijah fought it, like most nights. He got up multiple times, saying things like “I’m thirsty, i’m not tired, i’m hungry.” I didn’t blame him for the last one; again, the tacos were terrible. Finally, I got him down, and the long day was coming to a close.

I made myself a cup of coffee, yes I am one of those strange people that enjoy a cup of coffee at 9 o’clock at night, and sat down to finally relax. I had literally just sat down when I heard it; yet again, Elijah’s door opened. My first thought was, “what level of discipline should I give,” when Eli then came up to me and asked, “Daddy, can I lay with you for just a little bit.” While it may have been an excuse for him to get up, I also knew that I am limited on how many times I will get that opportunity with my boy. So he crawled up in the chair with me, and I could not help but begin thinking about who he would eventually become; where would he go, what he would he do, who would he marry, and so on. Then I thought about the most important thing I could, and I said, “Son, I know we have talked about it before, but let me tell you about Jesus.” I then walked briefly through the Gospel with my son.

I say all of this to make this point, it has been a very long and busy day, and it ended the best it could because I got talked with my boy about Jesus Christ and God’s grace. We all have long days, let us never be too tired or exhausted to speak with our children about the Good News. Let us not neglect opportunity, and responsibility for that matter, to raise our children in a home where they are taught God’s Word, and about God’s goodness. Let us long to raise our children as warriors for the Lord, ready to do battle for Him in this fallen world. Days can be long, but when we really think about it, they seem to get shorter and shorter. Let us make the most of our time we have (Ephesians 5:15-16).